About me

"One of the most exciting things to paint is to see the reaction of others when the work is finished. With the oil I've found the best tool to express feelings for each stroke and discover the endless possibilities that this offers me to play with textures, colors, pigments, and continue to cause passion in looking. Although what really motivates me is the large number of moments that can be created when you just look around and you just go with every moment of life and the wonderful things it can offer you if you look closely. "
If we define art for pleasure we identified work, would come to an inaccurate definition; it is like the food, do not eat everything we like, what we like is not good, therefore, not everything we do not like that it ceases to be art.

The art is a communication intuitive type: see beyond what appears; is something like the role of perceptive and evocative religious symbol. The man is able to perceive and experience all human emotions, but only a few of them can transmit to others. It is there, where the subjective is objective in communicative "object" as an ideal vehicle and from there enters the soul of the receiver that includes a work he calls "art". For this purpose we call itself "work of art". Not only because it is full of emotions of the author, but to communicate the same to the viewer of the work.

That symbolic, emotional charge, which for centuries was a monopoly of objects for religious purposes, now, under a new concept may be worth all those sensitive souls without the need to have a devotional experience.

There is art in nature, in the smile of a child, in a word expressed at the right moment, in the sound of music, in every facet of human existence, but as long as these are reflected in the sensitive spirit. "Art equals beauty" or "equals pleasure craft" equations are not satisfied. What is art? Is it art only that which pleases us, that gives us pleasure and desire that excites our senses? Tolstoy relates art with a subjective view. But speaking of subjectivity that gives us pleasure, but one that tells us emotions. (What is Art? Tolstoy)

Roughly in the work of Pilar de Arriba colors abound in nature outstanding issue, landscapes. Achieve know joy, light, life or doom and gloom, using hot or cold every time. Also momentariness and instant with his Impressionist brushstrokes or faster time with accurate and firm. Life and Joy is what the work of Pilar de Arriba will convey, because they are all works done with the pleasure of delighting and passing, during the tour, incredible moments of being. (Virginia Catalan art expert).

"I thank my father who taught me to shape patterned love for nature since I can remember, my mother's faith that professes to my art, my brother and his offspring his patience and love, my muse and all my new followers and also thanks always, without all this would not have happened ".